1. (60 minutes) Watch the 3 conversion videos found on this Support site.
  2. Read/reference the “DB User Guide (step-by-step) to conversion and first year processing” found on this site. This is a written version of the conversion videos and includes additional detail for ongoing operations. This is a good reference for daily system usage and is updated periodically to remain current.
  3. Schedule hands-on training session with the DB team by reaching out to support@ftwilliam.com.
  4. Choose a typical small plan with no special situations to use during the conversion training session.
  5. Ensure that you have access to participant data for the plan to be converted during the training session and prepare as much data as possible using the 3 sample csv data formats provided on this Support site. You are welcome to try out what you learned from the videos ahead of time. It is relatively easy to restart from the beginning if anything doesn’t work as you expect.
  6. (60-90 minutes) Hands-on conversion training with as many attendees as possible and a single representative selected to “drive” the software during the session. We will cover basic functionality and the conversion processes presented in the videos, including establishing a plan year, formatting/converting data, and replicating liabilities from the most recent completed valuation in your prior system. This session assumes ftwilliam documents are already in-place.
  7. Additional training sessions scheduled at your convenience:
    1. (30 minutes) Proposals for cash balance or combo CB/DC plan designs -- Walk through the complete setup and produce a client-ready proposal report.
    2. (60 minutes) Valuation processing -- Covers the 1st year valuation setup and process steps to determine annual plan costs, produce a valuation report package and complete the Schedule SB.
    3. (30-60 minutes) Compliance testing – For DB standalone and combo plans, this session covers combo plan data management, testing parameters, review of detailed reports and solving for failed tests.
    4. Special topics and refresher training, as needed.

For a written process description and helpful Proposal guidance, click on the Help icon  help.png on the right-hand side of the Proposal home screen or click here.