If you use a MAC rather than a PC, when saving a csv file to upload into ftw Compliance Module please use the Save as option and select Windows CSV. There can be issues with dates if the non-Windows CSV is used.


A user has shared the following steps with us when a file is proving difficult to upload; note that we have not tested this:

Open the file

  • In the SS#  column: Highlight all the cells, convert text to number; then right click and select Format Cells =>Special=>Social Security. To convert text to number, just to the left of the SSN you will see a yellow message icon; the first option is convert text to number
  • In each of the date columns: From the Data tab, click on Text to Columns; then Format cell> Date >MM/DD/YYYY
  • Save the file.  

Note that you may also have to take the above steps if you have an older version of Excel.