Create/Edit Grid and Grid Mapping Create/Edit Grid and Grid Mapping

Create/Edit Grid and Grid Mapping

Create/Edit Grid and Grid Mapping


This is a video tutorial for creating and editing custom census grids that includes compensation mapping for primary and supplemental census grids. Written instructions can also be found:


Linked Timestamps Below:

0:40 Introduction to Census Grids 

Primary census grid – What is it? How is it changed? FtW created grids

4:06 Other Import/Export/Report Menu

What is it used for? When should it be used? What’s the difference between supplemental grids and the primary grid?

6:09 Introduction Creating and Editing Custom Grids

Copying versus Adding New

Editing custom grids

Viewing *ftw grids and mapping

8:16 Creating a Copy of a Grid

8:34 Changing Short Description – grid name

10:36 Long Description – what the grid is used for

11:28 Best Practices/Tips for Creating and Editing Grids

Have dedicated team/user for creating and editing grids to minimize error

Standard naming conventions

12:54 Editing the Census Grid

13:06 Sequencing, adding/removing fields, editing headings and HelpText

16:52 Compensation fields & brief explanation of mapping

20:58 Editing Grid Mapping

26:57 Downloading Census – Current

HelpText as seen on the census instructions

29:25 Explanation of Census Fields – spreadsheet listing the available fields and the HelpText describing what the fields are used for