Screen Rolling/Shaking/Boxes Moving/Extra Scrollbars - Zoom Setting

Customer Descriptions:

The screen is continuously rolling side to side. He had his view set on 75% then lowered it to 50%, but he says there is a way down on the bottom where you can scroll or arrow side to side, and he says the FTW screen rolls from side to side continuously.

One of our clients is having trouble with the Signature
Portal. She says that the webpage is shaking and the boxes are moving
when she tries to select them. She is using Internet Explorer.

Response to Customer:

What you're describing sounds similar to what can happen in IE8 if the zoom is set below 100%. I recommend keeping the zoom set to 100% for optimal use. In IE, this can be changed via the gear menu or the View menu or by pressing Ctrl+0 (zero) key combination. After setting the zoom to 100%, your client may need to refresh the page to fix the layout issues. If your client is using a screen resolution below 1024x768, they may need to use the scrollbar at the bottom to view portions of the page.

Technical Description:

When the zoom setting in IE8 is set below 100%, the dojo controls have trouble figuring out what width they should be relative to the other controls, etc.  So various boxes and controls will keep widening.  It's possible the issue may be fixed in a newer version of dojo or could be fixed by using different controls.

Also, if the client has the zoom setting set above 100%, they will see additional scrollbars in various places on the page that don't normally have them.  In general, it's best to keep the zoom setting at 100% when using the Portal or the New UI, which uses a similar layout.

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