Clearing bad termination dates Clearing bad termination dates

Clearing bad termination dates

Our jobs would be so much easier if the data we put into the system were always good, all of the time. Unfortunately, we do occasionally get bad census data from our clients. An issue occurs when the bad data is a termination date that occurred in a year prior to the first plan year on the system. In other words, if the "bad" termination date is later than the "good" termination date and both dates are before the first plan year on the system, the system holds onto the later termination date as the "last employment status date".

So the question is... How do we clear out that termination date? Our solution is to go to "Tools/Settings" and click "History Uploads"; use the Service link to upload history for the impacted participant(s). Simply download the sample file, complete one row with the hire date for each of the participants. When uploading the file, be sure to enter the year prior to the current plan year to wipe out all prior year history for that participant. Then re-upload the census that has the correct data and run the scrub. The bad termination date is gone!

Note: If the bad termination date is in the current plan year or in a prior year but earlier than the good termination date, simply go to the Edit Census screen and delete or correct the bad termination date, then rerun the data scrub.