Top Paid Group - Tie Breaker Determination Top Paid Group - Tie Breaker Determination

Top Paid Group - Tie Breaker Determination

Melissa Howard Melissa Howard

The top paid group options are located in the Scrub/Eligibility section of the Tasks menu. If you also opt to exclude permitted classes on this screen, then in determining the population from which to calculate the top 20%, the system will exclude participants that:

  • Worked less than six months of service
  • Scheduled to work less than 17½ hours per week, or less than six months per year
  • Are under age 21
  • Are employees in a collective bargaining unit
  • Are non-resident aliens with no U.S.-source income

Employees working less than 17.5 hour a week or less than 6 months a year need to be coded as such in the 'Employee Type' column of the census grid..

The system uses standard rounding rules. To break a tie if the top paid group election is used and there is more than one HCE with the same salary, the system will simply select the first employees in the census meeting that criteria.

For example, if your top paid group includes 2 employees and you have 3 employees all with the highest amount of compensation, the first two of those employees on the imported census would be marked as being in the TPG.



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