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The Standard - Asset Custodian

Jane Nickalls Jane Nickalls

Has anyone downloaded a plan activity file that came from The Standard? If so, please share what format it was in and whether you were able to re-format to use the ftwilliam generic upload. Thanks

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  • Julie O'Connor

    I tried to convert the report from The Standard to the generic upload and wasn't able to make it work.   I get the participant valuation summary from The Standard in an excel format.  I usually copy and paste the gain, loan payments etc. from The Standard report to the ftwilliam batch in the transaction/statement section.  First I create the new batch (i.e. gain), then I copy and paste into the appropriate columns and upload it.  I upload the deferrals with the census to ftwilliams and create the deferral batch from the census.

    Julie O'Connor