How do I Prepare a Prior Year Filing for 1988-2001, 2009-11?

Completing a Prior Year Filing for 1988-2001, 2009-11:

To prepare a prior year filing for 1988-2001 or 2009-11, you will need to select the appropriate year from the drop-down list of 5500 forms.  For example, if you are completing a filing for 2000, you will select the year 2000 from the drop-down list below "5500 Forms," add your Form 5500/Schedule(s) from the "Add Schedules" box and complete your filing. The Form 5500 that displays will be the most current year's form.

If you need to include Schedules B, E, R, P, T, MB, or SB with a prior year filing, these are filed on the original year's forms and added to the filing as PDF attachments using "Other Attachment". You may obtain the Schedules by clicking here. Also Schedule SSA is still mailed to the IRS, not filed electronically.

Note: the DOL is requiring the 2009-2011 Form 5500s to be filed on the 2015 Form 5500 (or the most current year's form). Your plan year beginning and ending dates will display as 2009 or 2010, but the form date will reflect 2015. The DOL will continue to maintain only four years worth of forms: beginning January 1, 2017, the DOL will require the 2012 Form 5500 to be filed on the 2016 Form 5500, along with the 2009-2011 forms.

Please click here to review additional prior year filing instructions in the 5500 User Guide.

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