How do I Remove a Blank Entry from the Middle of Schedule D?

If you have a blank entry in the middle of your Schedule D, you will be able to download, then re-upload your Schedule D information, the blank entry will be removed.  You will need to do the following to download, then upload, your data: Form 5500-Year screen-> Upload and Download Center-> Download Schedule D XML-> Save the file to your computer-> Return to the Upload and Download Center-> Select "Upload XML"-> Check the "Schedule D" box-> Browse for your file-> Submit-> The blank entry will no longer be on your Schedule D.

If you do not want to download using an XML file, the other option would be if you have your Schedule D data saved as a CSV file on your computer, you are able to select "Upload Schedule D Part I Data" or "Upload Schedule D Part II Data" in the "Upload and Download Center." If you re-upload your Schedule D data, this will override the data currently on your Schedule D.

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