How Does My Portal User Reset His/Her Password?

Your client will be able to use the password he/she created upon logging into the portal for the first time, but if he/she no longer remembers his/her password, he/she may do the following:

1. Click on "Forgot Password" on the portal log in screen.

2. Enter his/her portal username and his/her email address (the email address the "Invitation Email" was sent to).
3. Click "Continue."

4. Answer his/her challenge questions that he/she initially created upon logging into the Portal for the first time.

5. Click "Continue."

6. Your client will then be sent an email from "". Note: The portal user may need to add "" to his/her safelist and try again.  Your client will need to click on the link contained within the email and he/she will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password.
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