What are the necessary Steps for Creating a Batch (to electronically file to the IRS FIRE Site)?

1. From the "Form 5500-Year" screen, click on "Batches/Fulfillment" within the "8955-SSA" box.
2. Once you are on the "8955-SSA Batches - Year" screen, click on "Create New Batch."
3. Enter your batch name and click "Create New Batch."
4. You are then on the "Select 8955-SSA (Batch Name) Batch Plans - Year" screen.
5. Select the plan(s) you wish to include in the batch and click "Update."
6. Click "Return."
7. You are now on the "8955-SSA (Batch Name) Batch Menu - Year" screen. Click "Return."
8. You are now on the "8955-SSA Batches - Year" screen, where you will click on the yellow triangle within the "Edit Check Status" column to run your edit checks.
9. Once you receive a green check mark for the "Edit Check Status" column for your batch, you will want to click on the yellow unlocked lock icon within the "Batch Lock Status" column.
10. After locking your batch, click on your batch name which will take you to the "8955-SSA (Batch Name) Batch Menu - Year" screen.
11. From the "8955-SSA (Batch Name) Batch Menu - Year" screen, you will click on "ZIP" below "Download FIRE Files" to download and save the file you will take to the IRS FIRE site. (Note: You will not see the "ZIP" option until the TCC Code is entered into the "Account Profile" option of the Administrative Tasks Menu.  If your TCC Code is not entered, you will see the below message:

Only the Master User on the account will have access to the "Account Profile" option to enter the TCC Code information.  The TCC Code for the 8955-SSAs is separate from the TCC Code for 1099s.).

Please click here to view a demonstration of this process.

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