I am Receiving an edit check in Regards to the Plan Admin/Sponsor's Name Typed onto the draft Form 8955-SSA. What does this mean?

This edit check is only a warning and will still allow you to have an OK status if it is not completed. The IRS FAQs on the 8955-SSA mention that an e-signature is not required, but they recommend that you type in the signer's name when e-filing. Note: The IRS FIRE site does not reject the filings if the name is not entered.

  --> Warning: Signature - If e-filing the 8955, it is suggested that the Plan Administrator and/or Plan Sponsor name be typed on the signature line (note - only the Plan Administrator line should be used if you have one signer acting as both the Sponsor/Administrator).

Q12. If the plan administrator and plan sponsor are the same person, who signs the Form 8955-SSA? Return to top

If the plan administrator and the plan sponsor are the same person, only the signature as plan administrator needs to be included on the form.

Electronic signatures are not required for electronically filed Forms 8955-SSA. The name of the administrator or sponsor should be typed into the signature line. Administrators and sponsors are not required to have their own FIRE Transmitter Control Code, User ID or PIN.

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