"PartAlwaysUseTableIND" Column Header on the 1099-R CSV Upload Spreadsheet

The schema file states the following in regards to the "PartAlwaysUseTableIND" column:

"Always override form with values calculated from table." If you have a participant that has more than one distribution and you plan to use the 945, we would recommend that you enter -1- in this column to check the box on the 1099R to "Always override box 1 and 4 with amount from table below" to be checked. We would also suggest that you leave "PartGrossDist" blank and "PartFederalTaxWH" blank. This way, the data will flow properly to the 945s.

A participant that has only one distribution date can have the date of the distribution entered into the column marked "PartPayDate1". Either enter -0- into the "PartAlwaysUseTableIND" column or leave this column blank; enter data into the "PartGrossDist" and "PartFederalTaxWH" fields and the data will still flow onto the 945s properly.

PLEASE NOTE: If the box to "Always override box 1 and 4 with amount from table below" has been checked, but the table is blank because amounts have been entered in boxes 1 and 4, the system will remove the entries in boxes 1 and 4 and replace those fields with blank entries. The system believes that the blank amounts from the table should populate boxes 1 and 4.

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