1099 Paper Requirements

For users that like to print the 1099 forms off instead of e-filing, please take note of the paper format for the following:

  1. Payee, Payer and State 1099s (Copies B, C, 2, 1 and/or D) are printed on blank, 3-up perforated paper;
  2. Form 1096 is printed on the Federal red 2-up paper; and
  3. Form 1099 Copy A is printed on the Federal red paper (2-up for the 1099-R, 1099-Misc, 1099-Div, 1099-Int and 5498; 3-up for the 1099-SA and 5498-SA).

It is important to note that the Payee, Payer and State 1099s may use the blank 3-up perforated from year to year. Meanwhile, the Federal red paper is subject to change each filing season and should be re-ordered every year. We do suggest using Nelco Solutions for your paper needs.  Please click here to visit Nelco's website.

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