The instructions indicate to only check the void box if the second payee is incorrect. That means because ftw's software is web-based, users can simply delete a payee or correct the data before the user prints and submits. For example, users that have one payee on a Copy A would leave the second payee's void box blank. Selecting the "Void" box is typically for those who are completing the form by hand or typewriter.


VOID box. If a completed or partially completed Form 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, or 5498 is incorrect and you want to void it before submission to the IRS, enter an "X" in the "VOID" box at the top of the form. For example, if you make an error while typing or printing a form, you should void it. The return will then be disregarded during processing by the IRS. Go to the next form on the page, or to another page, and enter the correct information; but do not mark the "CORRECTED" box. Do not cut or separate the forms that are two or three to a page. Submit the entire page even if only one of the forms on the page is a good return.