How do I Set Up Two Separate Signers to Submit a Filing to the DOL (One as Administrator, One as Sponsor)?

Setting up two different signers is similar to the process for how you set up one signer. Here are the steps involved:

1. From the "Form 5500-Year" screen, you will want to click on "Work with Signers/Portal Users."
2. You will want to then add your user from the drop-down menu (click on "Add Existing User" if he/she has previously been added to the system, or "Add New User" if he/she has not been added into the system).
3. Fill in the appropriate fields and within the "Signing As" field, you will need to designate one of your signers to sign as "Administrator" and one as the "Sponsor."
4. Click on "Update" to save the changes you have made.  Repeat steps 2-4 to add your second signer.
5. Return to the "Form 5500-Year" screen and lock the filing.
6. Click on "Invite (Signer) to Sign" and send the invitation emails to your clients.

Note: if the Administrator logs into the portal and signs prior to the Sponsor (or vice versa), he/she would receive the below message stating that the filing will not be submitted to the DOL until the Sponsor signs.  The filing is submitted to the DOL once both signers have logged into the portal, printed a copy of the 5500 filing, entered their DOL credentials and clicked on "Sign 5500."

Plan Administrator has not signed: This filing will not be submitted until the Plan Administrator has signed.


Plan Sponsor has not signed: This filing will not be submitted until the Plan Sponsor has signed.

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