Here are the steps you will need to take in order to upload your portal users: 

  1. Edit Document Classifications, if applicable. Go to the Wolters Kluwer logo-> Administrative Tasks-> Portal/Workflow-> Edit Document Classifications. From here, you can modify the standard classifications we’ve provided and/or create additional classifications. If you know you want to modify/add more, it will be useful to do it before updating the contact types described in #2 below.
  2. Edit Contact Types. Go to the Wolters Kluwer logo-> Administrative Tasks-> Portal/Workflow-> Edit Contact Types. You can set up *default* permissions for new portal users that are added to the system without a Contact Type indicated and/or you can set up default permissions for the existing Contact Types we’ve provided, for example, Attorney, CPA, Plan Sponsor, etc. You also have the ability to add new Contact Types if you do not see one listed that you need to use. By setting up the defaults for the various Contact Types, it will make uploading portal users easier as the default permissions will pull in upon upload. Note: You also have the ability to apply your changes to existing portal users that have the specified Contact Type that you are modifying.
  3. Upload Portal Users. From the "Home" screen, click on ftwPortalPro-> Upload Portal Users-> Download Current Portal User CSV File-> Save the file to your computer-> Here are some important items to note on the spreadsheet:
    1. Password column: You may either enter passwords for new portal users (minimum of six characters, combination of letters and numbers, case sensitive) or delete the column to have the system generate passwords for you.  Note: If you attempt to enter a password for an existing user, you will receive an error message when uploading your spreadsheet; it is best to leave the "password" field blank for existing users.
    2. Name column: We suggest that you enter the portal user’s Full Name in the “Name” column and delete the "Prefix," "First," "Middle," "Last" and "Suffix" columns.  By having just the "Name" column, the system will know to parse the portal user’s name into the correct "Prefix," "First," "Middle," "Last" and "Suffix" fields of the "User Info" tab.
    3. Company Name, Address, Phone and Fax are optional columns. If you do not plan to upload the data, you can delete the columns from the spreadsheet.
    4. Contact Type column: Enter a Contact Type, for new and existing portal users, that you’ve updated/added in #2 above. By entering a Contact Type for the portal user, you can delete the column headers starting with "View Draft 5500" and after. You would not need to indicate the permissions as they will be defaulted upon upload based on the Contact Type.
    5. EIN and Plan Number columns: These columns will need to be completed as we look at these field to indicate what company and plan the portal user should be assigned; the Plan Name column is optional and more for your benefit.
    6. Signing As column: You will need to complete this column for 5500s, as well as for Documents if you will be utilizing the E-Signing option for Documents.
    7. Module column: If you are uploading a new portal user that will have permissions to Document, 5500 or Admin, then you do not need to also add a line for Messaging. The Messaging permissions will pull in based on the Contact Type entered for the portal user when uploading for Document, 5500, or Admin. You will need to enter a row for each module your user is going to be assigned, for example, if a user will be assigned to the 5500 module and Document Module, you would enter "5500" on the same line as the line you entered the portal user’s info on (Name, email, etc.), but you would enter "Document" in a new row directly below where you entered "5500."


 Important Notes to Consider before Uploading Your Users:

  1. All data rows must contain the user name, name, email, and module.
  2. Any rows that skip the user name field will assume to be using the user name, password and demographic information from the last row above it that lists a username.
  3. All 5500, Document, and Admin rows must contain the EIN and Plan Number, as well as the year, if applicable.
  4. Misspelled column names will be silently skipped - unless they are required.
  5. Rows with bad data will be skipped.
  6. Existing portal user records will be updated (with the exception of passwords).
  7. If you remove the "Password" column from your .csv upload, random passwords will be automatically assigned to new portal users. Note: If you leave the password column in, you will be required to populate it with a password for any new portal users.

 Once you have entered your information onto your spreadsheet and saved the changes you have made, you will return to the "Upload Portal Users" screen, browse for your file and click "Upload."

Please click here to review the Portal User Guide for additional information.