How do I Delete a Custom Folder Name?

In order to delete a custom folder name, you will need to go to "Document Manager," select which company/plan you have uploaded files to under that folder name, select the folder name from the drop-down list on the "Document Information" screen, once the folder name is visible, highlight the name and type in a new name for the folder. After updating the folder name, please be sure to click "Update" to save the changes you have made.

If the folder never had any files uploaded to it in the Portal, you would just select the name of the folder from the drop-down list and click on "Delete" or "Backspace" to delete the name of the folder.

Your other option to delete a folder is to do the following: Wolters Kluwer logo-> Administrative Tasks-> Portal/Workflow-> Edit Folder List-> Select folder(s) you wish to delete-> Delete Folders.

Please click here to review the Portal User Guide for additional information.

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