To send the census to be completed by your portal user via the plan level compliance portal, select the compliance module, then hover over Census and select Portal Files:

You are able to choose to send one of the following:

1.  A custom file generated outside of the software 

2. The prior year census information that will include the indicative data for the participants filed last year, or, 

3. The current year census template (which will either be a blank template, or contain any data  you have in the current year)

Once you determine the census you wish to send, it will populate in the Portal Files grid where you are able to complete any of the following actions:

  1. Review: Download a .csv file of the census you are sending the client to confirm it contains the expected data
  2. Approve: Approving the file will post the census to the portal for the users that have compliance census permissions
  3. Remove: if you find the information to be inaccurate or wish to use a different template you may remove the file

When the items are sent through the compliance module, you will need to ensure the user is set up with access and permission to the compliance year and task.

User permissions may be edited by selecting the "Edit Portal User" (this can also be edited from the portal module, by selecting the Edit Portal user, and clicking on the compliance tab).

The census permission options are Download, Upload, or Edit Census Worksheet (which allows the user to complete and submit the census directly from the portal).

Once the Portal user is set up and the census is approved, if you wish to inform the portal user there are items in the portal to complete send the "Invite user to the portal" link.

This will open a new screen that allows you to select your e-mail template, preview your email, and send invite the user:


Please Note: Communications posted from the compliance module will not populate in the portal module but can be seen from the Edit Plan Screen >Show History. 

When the user completes the census, a returned file will populate in the Compliance Portal Files where there are three options:

1. Review: which downloads the returned file for you to review

2. Approve: which locks the file and allows you to "Make Final"

3. Remove/unlock: which unlocks the file for portal user to either edit once more in the portal or upload a new file.

Once the census is "Approved" the "Make Final" button will be enabled. Note: The link will not be active if the (Upload) census has not been approved or if the (Final) census already appears in the Portal Files grid.

Selecting the "Make Final" link will produce one more "final" line item in the Portal Files grid, and will also enable the ability to "Import the Final Census to the Compliance System" from below the grid. Selecting this will push the completed census to the compliance census for testing: