How May I Disable the "Three Challenge Questions/Creating a New Password" Requirement for Portal Users?

If you only use the 5500 portal (and do not subscribe to either ftwPortal Express or ftwPortal Pro), you will be able to disable the existing requirement of having your portal users change their passwords upon logging into the portal for the first time and setting up challenge questions/answers.  To disable this feature, you will need to do the following: Wolters Kluwer logo-> Administrative Tasks-> Portal/Workflow-> Portal Branding-> Portal 2 Always Require Challenge Questions-> Un-check the box-> Save.  Once you have clicked on "Save," you will be able to set up a password for each portal user and the password will always display within the Invitation Email.

*Note: This is a global change and will impact all portal users.  Additionally, due to Social Security Numbers being present on Form 8955-SSA, if you make Form 8955-SSA available to your portal users in the portal, those users will still be required to set up challenge questions and reset their passwords when they log into the portal for the first time (as well as remember their passwords going forward).

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