How do I Amend a 5500 Filing that was Originally Filed through

Once a filing has been signed and submitted to the DOL, you will have the option to click on "Amend Filing" next to the Acceptance Status of the Plan. Note: you will not have the option to amend if the filing has been Rejected (this means the DOL has never acknowledged your attempt to send the filing and it must be re-sent). If you click the option to "Amend Filing," a screen to confirm your selection will appear with following warning:

We do suggest saving a copy of the "Details" of the filing before you click on "Amend 5500."

Once you have clicked on "Amend Filing," the filing will be unlocked and you will be able to make any necessary changes.

Please click here to view a demonstration of this process or click here to view our 5500 FAQ on this topic for additional information.

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