Cloning a Plan Cloning a Plan

Cloning a Plan

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Yes,  you can "clone" a document to another employer.

To clone a document:

1. Set up the new Company
2.  Bring up the Plan you wish to clone so that you are on the "Edit Plan" page (Checklist)
2.  Click on "Clone Plan' at the top right under "Plan Menu" in blue
3.  From the drop down box, pick out the new Company to which you wish to clone the Plan
4.  Click on Clone Plan.


a.  The new Plan will have the old plan's name preceded by "copy of" -- You will need to go into the Section A of the "copy of" plan and change the name to the correct name -- as well as any other provisions you wish to change.

b.  "Cloning" is equivalent to making a Xerox copy of a plan.  Accordingly, you cannot clone a plan to update an existing plan.  If you do so, you will end up with a duplicate plan.

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