How do I select a person to contact on Line 2a of the Form 8950?

The instructions for Line 2a state, "List a person who may be contacted if additional information is needed. If you have appointed an authorized representative, check the box, do not complete any line 2 items and include Form 2848 with your submission. If you have listed an individual from a submitted Form 8821 as the contact person, note that an individual listed only on Form 8821 cannot be contacted if questions or issues arise during the processing of a VCP submission."

Users that check the box to indicate a Form 2848 will not be able to complete Line 2a. Users that are not checking the box will need to select a contact from the drop-down list on Line 2a. However, if users need to add a contact, then users will need to click on the "Return" link on the left-side of the screen. Next, click on "Edit IRS Reps" below the IRS Forms box to add a representative. After the first and last name of the representative have been added, be sure to update the rest of the representative's information and click "Update" at the bottom of the screen. Once completed, users will be able to go back to the Form 8950 to select the representative from the drop-down list.

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