Fixing duplicate participant records in the census Fixing duplicate participant records in the census

Fixing duplicate participant records in the census

For example you might have two records for John Doe, with the same SSN or slightly different SSN, one inside the census grid and one below it. The record inside the grid is new – uploaded on this year’s census – but the record below the grid has the history, such as years of service, hours, compensation and vesting. Also transactions may be associated with both records, so the participant is listed twice in the transaction reports with say beginning balance under one record and contributions under the other.

In the example above, here are the steps to fix:

  1. Change the first name of the John Doe in the census grid to John1 - you need to be able to distinguish between the two participant records.
  2. For the John in the list below the grid, click on 'Add to Census' - if the record is inactive you will first need to make it active.
  3. Copy the current year data (comp, hours, contributions, etc.) from the John1 row into the John record. 
  4. If necessary, correct the SSN of the John record.
  5. Change the SSN of John1 to a number totally unlike the actual SSN.
  6. Change the name of John1 to something like ‘Bad Record’. 
  7. Use the Remove from Census button to move the former John1 record from the census grid and list it below the grid.
  8. On the transaction menu, if the transaction file was uploaded from a vendor, just delete the batches and re-upload the file. If batches added by other means, unpost any batches containing transactions for either John Doe record. Identify the ones associated with the bad record; make a note of the details, then delete the transactions and add them back with the good participant record.