Q: How do I allocate earnings as of the end of the quarter?

A: You need to enter the date range that you want to use in the Begin Date and End Date fields at the top left of the Transaction screen. Batches with dates within that range will be included


Q: How do I show fees separately on statements, rather than having them deducted from earnings?

A: Go to Tools/Settings=>Print Setting=>Global. From the Global Report Options drop-down, select the report that you are working in, and click the Edit button. Under 'Optional Columns' check the Fees option; this means that fees will be shown separately on that report. You will need to select the option on each report that you are using, but the option is global, i.e. it applies across all plans. Note that the option to change this is only available to users with admin privileges.


Q: Is there a way to see the basis of the earnings calculations?

A: Yes – the basis is shown in the ‘TransUnits’ column – the last column on the earnings batch