To upload ACA data, you would go into any company and into the ACA module, selecting either the B or C series forms. Once in the module, you would click on the 'Samples & Schemas' link shown below to access the examples of the required upload format for that year. Please note that while you can add your own columns, the column headers in the template must not be modified. They are case sensitive and your file may not upload if there are any changes made to the column headers.



Additionally, it is important that you do not remove the Member_SSN column from the 1095 template, even if you are not a self-insured group. This column is necessary for the upload to work. Removing this column will cause all of your employees to be "skipped" on upload. Please see the templates for more instructions and tips on uploading.

You may also find the schemas included in this folder helpful, as they outline the contents of predetermined lists used throughout the ACA software (U.S. states, foreign country codes, etc.). 


Once you have completed your file, you will want to save it to your computer as a csv and click the Upload link located in the ACA Menu next to the Samples & Schemas link. 


When uploading, you want to choose your file, select the correct type (1094 vs 1095) and enter the proper number of rows above the header row. For example, the sample file has several notes and a description row above the header. If left as is, you would enter 22 as the number of rows above the header since the header row is in line 23 and the first participant is listed in row 24. Finally, you will check the overwrite box unless you are uploading additional data to add to already existing data, and click the upload button.