Troubleshooting uploading the census Troubleshooting uploading the census

Troubleshooting uploading the census

Jane Nickalls Jane Nickalls
If you are unable to upload your worksheet the following are possible reasons:
  • The grid IDs don’t match. The grid ID is in cell A3 of the worksheet you upload. If the IDs do not match, the system will offer a list of grids with matching ID’s and users can select one of them.
  • Data doesn’t begin on row 6 of the worksheet. The default setting on the upload screen is to ignore 5 rows of data - you can always change this.
  • The SSN & Employee Number columns are both populated on the worksheet. Only one should be populated - the one that is selected under Plan Specifications=>General Features.
  • There are one or more odd characters in the data, such as an apostrophe or accent on a letter - participant names with an apostrophe or accent are common causes.
  • There are two identical fields on the census grid, even though they may have different column headings.

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