My portal user cannot remember his/her challenge questions to reset his/her own password and although I tried to assist, he/she did not receive the "Reset Password" email. How can they receive a new password?

If your client is not able to reset his/her own password and you have attempted to reset his/her password, but he/she has not received the "Reset Password" email, you may contact or 800-596-0714 for assistance.  We will be able to manually reset your client's password for you.  Please note, that in order to reset your client's password, we will need the following information from you (you should not direct your client to contact us for assistance):

1. Your company code.
2. Your client's first and last name.
3. Your client's portal username.
4. What you would like your client's password to be (must be at least 6 characters long, combination of letters and numbers and is case sensitive).
5. Once you have received confirmation from us that your client's password has been reset, you will need to provide your client with his/her new password, as the system will not send a notification email to your client containing the new password.
6. Once your client logs into the portal with the new password, he/she will be able to change his/her password by clicking on his/her name in the upper, right-hand corner, selecting "Profile" and choosing to update the password.

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