Excluding a Class of Employees Excluding a Class of Employees

Excluding a Class of Employees

If the plan document provides for excluding a particular class of employee you can follow the steps below to code your census:

  1. From the Compliance Menu go to Plan Specifications; expand the Eligibility section and scroll down to 'Exclusions - Other'. Select yes to 'Exclude other Employees from definition of Eligible Employee (any exclusion must satisfy Code section 401(a))'.
  2. Enter the code you plan to use to identify those who are excluded; the code should be six characters or fewer, with no spaces. E.g. if you want to exclude interns from all participation in the plan, enter 'Intern' for each contribution type. If you want to exclude temporary workers from employer contributions but allow them to defer, enter 'Temp' for each employer contribution type but leave deferrals blank. If more than one class is excluded, separate the entries with a semi-colon, no space e.g. 'Temp;Intern'.
  3. Select 'Other' in the Employee Class column on your main census for these excluded individuals.
  4. Add the following supplemental grid on the Other Imports/Exports/Reports screen: * ftw Exclude by Class; enter the name of the excluded class that the person is in the Employee Class Other column on the supplemental grid; e.g. 'Intern' or 'Temp' in the examples above.