There are two options under Print Setting in the Tools/Settings menu - Plan Level and Global.

The plan level print setting option allows you to select a report style and orientation for each of your reports, either by individual report, or you can select one style and orientation for all reports.

The Global print settings apply across all plans, and allow you to do the following:

  • Default Client Prepared By and Default Client Letter - here you can enter your firm's name & address, and a generic client letter that you can then pull through and customize for your individual client packages
  • Edit/Create Custom Styles - here you can create your own custom print styles, including styles for participant statements that include plan specific messaging. New users have access to one client letter style and four report styles - the names of these all start with * ftw; these styles cannot be edited but can be copied, so you can edit the copy. Select a style from the drop-down, copy it, rename, then adjust the font, and other options as you wish. The new style will then be available across all your plans.
  • Global Report Options - here you can customize report content and format - there are options to include/exclude certain information and order the names on the reports, e.g. alphabetically or by status. Select a report from the drop-down, make any changes and save. The updated report will then be available across all your plans.
  • Global SSN Masking - here you can set masking of social security numbers across all reports - note that this can be overridden for a specific report under Global Report Options

Detailed instructions for setting global printing parameters are in section 9.3 of the User Guide - by selecting the link below:

9.3 Print Settings