To remove a Portal User from the system, you must first remove them from the plan(s) in which they are associated.

The user may be edited from either a particular plan via the Portal Manager Beta screen or from the Global Dashboard. In either instance select the tricolon next to their name and clicking on Edit Portal User.

View from the Plan level:



View from the Global Dashboard via the Wolters Kluwer Logo> ftwPortal Pro> Portal Manager Beta.

You can scroll and find the user or filter by Username or Contact Type:


Once in the ‘Edit Portal User’ screen, you will need to select each plan you wish to remove them from on the left-hand side under tabs for plans. If you wish to only remove them from a single plan you can select that plan and delete. If you wish to remove them from the software completely, you will need to select each plan in the drop-down menu shown below and select ‘Delete’:


Once removed from all associated plans the software will allow you to select the ‘Delete’ option in the upper right-hand corner:


A window will populate confirming you wish to remove them from the system:




**If the user is not currently associated with a plan, you are able to select the user from the Global Dashboard, select the tricolon to the right of their name and ‘Delete Portal User’: