How to Prepare a Census Worksheet Batch (Compliance User) - Legacy How to Prepare a Census Worksheet Batch (Compliance User) - Legacy

How to Prepare a Census Worksheet Batch (Compliance User) - Legacy

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Note: A subscription to both the Compliance Software and Portal is needed to use the batch features. ‘Specify a Server’ will need to be set up within the Compliance tab of the global email settings to send a communication to portal users.

It is suggested that you roll forward your Compliance Portal users from the prior year when creating a current year census batch. This can be done on a plan-by-plan basis or all at once.

To roll forward these users, select any plan, go to the Portal Module, and select the ‘Bring Forward Portal Users’ or the ‘All-Plans’ link if you wish to bring forward all Compliance users:


Please note this will only bring forward Compliance Portal users.

Once the users have been added to the current plan year, you are ready to create your Census Batch via the Wolters Kluwer Logo>Batches> Census Worksheet.

From here you will select the ‘Create New Batch’ button above the grid and enter a batch name:


Once the batch is created, you will be directed to the ‘Edit Batch’ screen where you are able to make multiple selections:


  1. Edit Name: Modify your batch name.
  2. Edit the Email Template: Here you can view/edit the template or select an alternate e-mail template to send to the portal user. You may also indicate if you would like the email template to also populate in the users Portal when they log in.
  1. Select your census: You have 3 options
    • Browse: Upload a custom census that is not generated by you want to post to the portal.
    • Load Prior Year Census: This radio dial selection will load the prior year census for the listed plans, it will contain census data and participants from a prior year. *Please note if the prior year census grid selection is different than the current year grid selection in compliance, the software will enter the applicable data into the new grid format.
    • Load Current Year Census: This radio dial selection will load the current year census for the listed plans, this will be a blank census and will match the census grid selection in the Compliance for the current year.
  1. Select a Delivery Option
    • Download only: This allows the Portal User to download the Census but is unable to make changes within the portal screen or reimport the information. This is often used for review purposes only. *Not a commonly used feature.
    • Download and Upload CSV: This allows the Portal User to download the census to make alterations and then provides an import option to send you the updated census. *This will create two separate To-Do list tasks (Download and Upload.)
    • Edit CSV on the Portal: This allows the portal user to alter the census directly in the Portal screen.

5. Add Plans: Plans will display based on the current plan year end if they are not in another batch or if there is not an uploaded census file in the Portal files of Compliance previously. The selection of plan year is not specific, in other words, you are able to add any plan year end to a batch, 2021, 2020, 2019, etc. all in the same batch


Customized: If you add a plan to a batch and you wish for this specific plan to have an alternate census grid, you may select the ‘Not Customized’ link in the grid and upload your own census template.



When plans have been added, you are able to add/update portal users assigned to the plan census permissions. You will want to make sure all permissions are set specifically for the Batch delivery option.

  • For example, if the user should only be allowed to download the census make sure that is the only option set to Yes. Otherwise, the system will follow user permissions and allow all applicable changes based on the individual Portal usmceclip6.png

If ‘None’ is entered in the Portal Users column, you will need to add a user, this is often the case if there was not a Portal user added to the plan in a current year or a prior year if rolled forward.


Post Batch: This button populates once plans are added to the batch and will send the Census Worksheet to the Portal. If the ‘and send invites’ box is checked, you will be able to post the batch and send the invites to the Portal users at one time.


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