Creating a Custom 5500 Workflow Grid View Creating a Custom 5500 Workflow Grid View

Creating a Custom 5500 Workflow Grid View


The Master User or a Designated Admin can create a custom view for the 5500 workflow grid that will allow you to remove columns to have specific data available at a glance.

One thing to keep in mind when creating a custom grid, is when a column is added they will add in default order, for example, if you wish to just show your plan names, status, signed status, and AckID the grid would populate in the below order:


This tutorial provides the instructions tailored to mirror the view above where only the plan name and status's show (however you can add or remove whichever columns you prefer).

To make a custom view, from within the 5500 Workflow grid, select the 'Template Menu' button from below the grid on the left.

The Template Menu has four options (Template:, Create New Template, Show/Hide Template Tray, and Delete Template). The top 'Template' option shows the currently selected Template, it will either populate with a custom grid name or Default if changes have not been made.


The 'Create New Template' creates a custom template, which will replicate the Default template available. Select this option, and enter the naming convention of the custom grid:


Once added, select the new template from the top 'Template' option, to make edits:


As this is mirroring the default, the workflow grid initially will not look different. To make alterations, select the Show/Hide Template tray from within the Template Menu. Once this is selected, notice the grid shifts up and there is now a blue/gray empty space:


Drag and drop the columns into this space that you wish to remove from the grid. To do so, click on the column header and simply drag it to the tray. You will continue this process until you have only the items you wish to keep in the view, the system will autosave your changes:



If you remove a column and wish to add it back, double click the header name in the tray and it will automatically fall in the original default order. For example, in the default template the company name comes before the plan, so if I wish to add that back to the grid, even if I try to drop it after the Plan Name, the system will move it to its default order location (this is the limitation mentioned previously):


Once completed, select the Template menu and hide the tray:


Please keep in mind the views can be toggled by selecting the Template Menu>Template and selecting the view you wish. If you navigate away from the dashboard, next time you return, your view will be the custom view, unless altered by another user on the software: