How do I Set up Confirmation Emails for the "5500" Module? How do I Set up Confirmation Emails for the "5500" Module?

How do I Set up Confirmation Emails for the "5500" Module?

In order to receive confirmation emails when a filing has been submitted to the DOL, you will need to ensure that the "Confirmation Emails" option is set to "Yes" on the "Global Email Settings" screen (Wolters Kluwer logo-> Administrative Tasks-> Portal/Workflow-> Global Email Settings-> "Yes" for "Confirmation Emails"-> Save Tab).  Once the "Confirmation Emails" option is set to "Yes," the Master User on the account will receive all confirmation emails by default unless another user is assigned as the "Admin" for a plan on the 5500 Workflow Grid.

To assign a user as an "Admin" for a plan on the 5500 Workflow Grid, you will need to do the following: Batches/Workflow-> 5500 Batch/Workflow-> Year-> 5500 Workflow Grid-> "Admin" column-> Click on the field within the "Admin" column of the plan's row to select a user from the drop-down list.  Once selected, the user will be assigned to the plan and receive an email notification once the plan's filing is "Submitted" to the DOL and once the filing receives an "Accepted," "Not Accepted" or "Rejected" status from the DOL.

If you do not wish to assign users on a plan-by-plan basis to the grid, you will be able to click on "Upload/Download Plan Admins," download your existing admins, assign additional users to the spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet to your computer, then return to "Upload/Download Plan Admins" to upload the updated spreadsheet to assign users all at once to plans on the grid.

Note: the "Confirmation Email List" column will display the email address of the "Admin" entered within the "Admin" column.  If an email address is manually entered into this column which is different from the Admin's address, it will override the Admin's address.  If you would like more than one user to receive the confirmation email for the plan, you will need to enter all email addresses, separated by a semicolon (including that of the Admin assigned) in this field.


Please click here to view a demonstration of how you set up Confirmation Emails, as well as a discussion of the 5500 Workflow Grid.