Setting and Using ZZZ-Defaults Setting and Using ZZZ-Defaults

Setting and Using ZZZ-Defaults

When using the “Add Plan” feature the plan specifications from the ZZZ-Default Plan is automatically populated. Below are the steps to update the ZZZ-Defaults with your desired default provisions. After updating your desired plan type checklist then any plans added via the Add Plan feature will have these provisions automatically populate. In addition, any plans that you convert from a Misc. (1099, 5500 or Compliance) checklist to a document checklist will also automatically populate from the ZZZ-Default Plan.

To update the defaults, from the Wolters Kluwer menu, select Administrative Tasks, followed by Defaults, then select ZZZ-Defaults.




From the drop-down plan menu, you can then select your desired checklist type to update.



Once selected, you can then update the checklist with your default provisions. You only need to select the checklist items pertaining to the provisions you want to set as defaults for any new plans you add to the software.



  • Do not change the name of the Company from “ZZZ – All Checklists”. In addition, do not change the name of the default plan in Section A.2a. If changed, then you will not be able locate the default plan from the drop-down menu in the future.
  • There is only one ZZZ-Default checklist for each plan checklist type. If you use multiple plan types (i.e. adoption agreement and individually designed formats), then you will need to update the ZZZ-Default checklist for each.
  • If you wish to have different default templates for different provisions (i.e. safe harbor and non-safe harbor), it is best to set up a Test or Sample Company/Plans on your account and then use the clone feature. For the steps in cloning a plan, please click here.
  • ZZZ-Defaults will not apply when you convert a plan from one checklist type to another (e.g. PPA to Cycle 3/Post PPA).